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Eldercare and Skilled Nursing

Phyllis Hyman is an eldercare advocate with great knowledge about caring for aging parents.

Eldercare and Skilled Nursing

An Interview with Phyllis Ayman

We are very pleased to present an interview with eldercare advocate Phyllis Ayman.

Listen to our podcast episode about Eldercare and Skilled Nursing from The Bee’s Knees Podcast below.

Seniors STRAIGHT Talk Podcast

Through informative and engaging conversations with thought leaders, professionals, and individuals who share their experiences, listeners will gain insights and information that will be meaningful for their everyday lives. Phyllis and Rubina’s expertise captures the essence of the topic of the day and translates it into a relevant discussion that provides insight into everyday problems. As we transition into elderhood, which Phyllis calls the third act of life, seniors are entitled to have a quality and fulfilling life with dignity, respect, and purpose no matter the age, condition, or living environment. Seniors STRAIGHT Talk is available to listen and download on all your favorite podcast platforms.

To visit Phyllis’ website click here: Phyllis Ayman

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