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Dr. John T. Williams Jr. Presentation

Knee Replacement and Post Surgery Care

A Presentation by Dr. John T. Willliams Jr.

Dr. Williams presented to Knee Club in The Villages Florida. We captured it on video and audio for you to listen in and learn. 

About Dr. Williams

Dr. John T. Williams Jr. couldn’t help but go into medicine. His father, John Sr., is a retired doctor who was the first African-American board-certified orthopedic surgeon in the state of Pennsylvania. The elder Williams was in private practice for 32 years. He was affiliated for 50 years with Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

“My dad was a very driven man, and he made sure that my brother, Geoffrey, and I had a very strong work ethic,” John Jr. says. “He said, ‘You don’t have to be a doctor, but I recommend you do something professional.’ He and my mother, Myrtle, were very influential. They helped my brother and me to be focused and to achieve academic excellence.”

Reaching Dr. Williams

Dr. John Williams Jr. can be reached at the following website:

Dr. John Williams Jr.

To reach his office dial: 352.751.2862

To listen to the presentation as aired on The Bee’s Knees Podcast below click play below.

One of the great clubs in The Villages, Florida is all about knees. Surgeon presentations, clinicians, helpful advice from fellow knee patients. To learn more click here.

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